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uploaded by zaginet16 Nov 19, 2012.

Tags: Anime, Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens, Beelzebub, Black★Rock Shooter, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Medaka Box, CANAAN, Red Garden, Hunter × Hunter, Dragonaut: The Resonance, Tegami Bachi, FAIRY TAIL, Monogatari

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens, Beelzebub, Black★Rock Shooter, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Medaka Box, CANAAN, Red Garden, Hunter × Hunter, Dragonaut: The Resonance, Tegami Bachi, FAIRY TAIL, Monogatari

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Comments (English)

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    Nieadinne Aug 16, 2011
    This girl got too many roles... *sigh* Sorry if there are missing characters. I had to choose the main and famous ones.
  • Exceed

    Exceed Aug 16, 2011
    I disagree. She doesn't have enough roles.
    I swear that woman's voice is incredible.
  • ~Mayu~

    ~Mayu~ Aug 16, 2011
    My favourite female seiyuu, after Paku Romi xD
  • CessyAlaude

    CessyAlaude Aug 16, 2011
  • default avatar

    EKarin Aug 16, 2011
    Really? Kazune, Puchiko, Celty, Dead Master, Shinku, Beelzebub, Caan, Izasawa, Lag and Kurapika have the same vioce?!!I'm quite surpized about that!
  • Bankai

    Bankai Aug 17, 2011
    UR :D
    Aoba :D
    Saeko :D
    Celty :D
    and even Iwasawa :D
    i like :D :D :D
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    Nieadinne Aug 17, 2011
    @EKarin, she'll cast in Hunter x Hunter 2011 version as Kurapika. The first Kurapika was Yuki Kaida.
  • NyanCatKitty

    NyanCatKitty Aug 17, 2011
    Wtf? Kimi no Tadoke haz an anime? o.e
  • default avatar

    Nieadinne Aug 17, 2011
    @NyanCatKitty, LOL Where have you been all this time??
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    TsuyoiKirkland Aug 17, 2011
    Celty, Ur, Yano, Nanami and Virgo.
    And Kurapika and Beel.
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    Kerochan Aug 19, 2011
    Haruka, Shinku, Iwasawa, Virgo, Beel, Celty, Ur, Yoru, Ultear, Saeko, Dead Master/Yomi, KOTOHA, Kazune and Mint! I luff these charas but wowie, when yew hear Iwasawa, Beel and Mint they're so different @A@
  • Demon-Angel

    Demon-Angel Aug 19, 2011
    Saeko,Beel, Lag, Mint Celty, Yoru, Yomi, Shinku and Kazune?!
    She's amazing!
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    sakaru Aug 19, 2011
    who has seen it
    ya got 2 love him and his dad
  • yuukia

    yuukia Aug 19, 2011
    Celty, Yomi/Dead Master, Yoru and Lag have the same voice actress O.e I watched them all and didn't notice they had the same voice actress D:
  • default avatar

    shu13 Aug 19, 2011
    Ultear, Ur and Virgo...
    aren't they from the same anime? =A="
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    Dikila Aug 21, 2011
    She has also done Ikuto *u* <3
  • LaurenFrog

    LaurenFrog Aug 23, 2011
  • Yuisho

    Yuisho Aug 25, 2011
    Celty + Cordellia + Haruka + Ayano + Iwasawa + Yomi + Yoru = She is really really AWESOME.
  • Chiky

    Chiky Aug 25, 2011
    goshies...she did Kurapica's voice? I'm impressed~
  • default avatar

    Kiroy Aug 25, 2011
    amazing :O lol love her voice
  • ceeceeroxx

    ceeceeroxx Aug 26, 2011
    Iwasawa,Yomi,Yoru,and Tsumugi! <3
  • ceeceeroxx

    ceeceeroxx Aug 26, 2011
    BUt you forgot Chite fro Jewelpets XD <3
  • default avatar

    owlienea Aug 26, 2011
    Celty~! ^^
  • default avatar

    ceif Aug 26, 2011
    beel <3
  • Matou

    Matou Aug 28, 2011
    my favorite seiyuu
  • kelion~

    kelion~ Aug 29, 2011
  • Juvia Loxar

    Juvia Loxar Aug 30, 2011
    Saeko!! Barugo (Virgo), Ultear!! Cool!!!
  • default avatar

    yorumi Aug 31, 2011
    One of my favourite seiyuu <3, I really like Lag, but I don´t see Dalian there.
  • default avatar

    Mayora22 Aug 31, 2011
    where is Toto :((
  • default avatar

    gakadaid Sep 09, 2011
    HOLY O_O
    Celty , Nanami, Yoru, Mint, and Kazune ? =w= Wow
  • pauchan

    pauchan Sep 17, 2011
    SAEKO = DEAD MASTER?!?!?!?! Mah gawwd.
  • Mairezu

    Mairezu Sep 18, 2011
    Yes, she does a baby XDD
    Haha, I don't know most of these, but of the one's I do know, they're pretty awesome X3

    @NyanCatKitty nice avatar XD

    EDIT: Wait, she does Virgo AND Ultear? She does two ppl of the same anime? XD
  • kawaiipafin

    kawaiipafin Oct 02, 2011
    I hope this will be updated... They should include Dalian from Dantalian no Shoka! Her voice to Dalian is just so cute and awesome!

  • JeidoErisu

    JeidoErisu Oct 02, 2011
    Baby Beel! Cx
  • xXLireXx

    xXLireXx Oct 11, 2011
    oh my!!!!!
  • Eplepaii

    Eplepaii Oct 20, 2011
    KAZUNE AND SHINKU? oh lord. i can't believe it
  • default avatar

    nazleen Oct 24, 2011
    Lag and Celty?! O^O
  • Lady E

    Lady E Oct 30, 2011
    @Nieadinne agree, it`s really interesting for her to read the manga and isn`t aware of the anime, funny thing xD

    @NyanCatKitty guess you allready found out but still, it even has 2 seasons :P
  • default avatar

    Mist- Nov 08, 2011
    Iwasawa Masami, first vocalist of Girls Dead Monster!
  • Lady_Cagalli

    Lady_Cagalli Nov 08, 2011
    Don't forget Mirepoc from Tatakau Shiso: The Book of Bantorra.
  • misakidomo

    misakidomo Nov 11, 2011
    Wow. >.>
  • risecchi

    risecchi Dec 09, 2011
    so... Celty has a voice actor.. :I
  • default avatar

    Motochiii Dec 16, 2011
  • default avatar

    Megaraki Dec 16, 2011
    Kazune and yoru?! O_o
  • default avatar

    arkein Dec 17, 2011
  • default avatar

    WhiteChoko Jan 04, 2012
    I died when I saw Yoru
  • default avatar

    Varacle Jan 05, 2012
    can't believe she is kurenai, celty, iwasawa, kotoha and... aaa a lot of my favorites character *w*
  • AnimeFan98

    AnimeFan98 Jan 06, 2012
    Shinku... Iwasawa... Yomi.... Canaan.... Yoru... Ultear... Virgo... Holy Jesus she's awesome ( = w=)/
  • Diamonds

    Diamonds Jan 10, 2012
    UR :D
    Aoba :D
    Saeko :D
    Celty :D
    and even Iwasawa :D
  • default avatar

    noshi123 Jan 15, 2012
    Celty Yano and Lag :D
  • DuskDarkEndZone

    DuskDarkEndZone Jan 22, 2012
    Beelzebub, Virgo, Ur and Ultear
  • sun_sav

    sun_sav Feb 08, 2012
    ahh Maria <3
  • PlatinaBerlitz

    PlatinaBerlitz Feb 19, 2012
    So many people, especially from Fairy Tail
    Lag Seeing
  • default avatar

    hanatchi Feb 26, 2012
    When I started watching Rozen Maiden, I thought that Shinkus voice sounded like Cordelia Gallos from Gosick!♥
    I absolutley love this seiyuu!♥♥♥
  • default avatar

    takakotako Mar 17, 2012
    Oh my god, she did Shinku and Yoru, and they're both characters from Peach-Pit, that's funny how it works out! XD
  • default avatar

    takakotako Mar 17, 2012
    And also Yomi from BRS!
  • ice.fairy76

    ice.fairy76 Mar 18, 2012
    Celty, Haruka, Yoru, Ultear, Ur and Kurapika :3
  • Rara NyanNyan

    Rara NyanNyan Mar 25, 2012
  • default avatar

    Fantasiaa Apr 05, 2012
    Wait... Celty and Baby Beel. Have the same. Seiyuu.

  • Gikari

    Gikari Apr 06, 2012
    My favorite female seiyuu. You gotta love her deep voice.
  • default avatar

    Kobatokawaii Apr 19, 2012
    Crap, this woman has an amazing voice!
  • default avatar

    AnimeLady19 May 05, 2012
    Saeko~! *_*
  • LucyHeartfilia_914

    LucyHeartfilia_914 May 15, 2012
    Yomi, Saeko, Iwasawa, Virgo, Lag, Ultear, Ul, Beelzebub, Kurapika and YORU!!! She's amazing nyan~ :3
  • default avatar

    Sizuka_Yuusari2764 May 15, 2012
    Kurapika!! Lag!!!
  • default avatar

    Otakugirlie Jun 09, 2012
    SHE PLAYS YORU! thats what makes her awesome
  • NUBE

    NUBE Jun 11, 2012
    She plays all the bad asses!
  • default avatar

    zinxef39 Jul 07, 2012
    baby beel=kurapika 0_o
  • Heiwajima Chrome

    Heiwajima Chrome Jul 24, 2012
    Celty, Shinku, Nanami, Kanbaru, Yomi, Lag, Yoru, Kazune, Kurapika....
    Wait, seriously? O_O
  • default avatar

    MangaAnimeGaki Jul 31, 2012
    Celty? Ultear? Ur? Virgo? *faints*
  • KagamineCieLenPhantomhiv

    KagamineCieLenPhantomhiv Aug 20, 2012
  • Chokolait

    Chokolait Aug 20, 2012
    Woah what, Yoru and Haruka have the same seiyuu.
    \(* 3*)/ What is this~
  • default avatar

    W h i t eS t a r Oct 30, 2012

    LAG ~!!

  • ice.fairy76

    ice.fairy76 Nov 19, 2012
    Celty, Haruka, Seri, Virgo, Yoru, Ultear, Ul, Kurapika and Labra :D
  • AA Byeul Chiza

    AA Byeul Chiza Nov 19, 2012
    Baby Beel, Virgo, Ultear, Ul, Kurapika, Yomi, Dead Master, Yano, Mint, Inaba, Seri ~ waah there's a lot favs *-*
  • Tuna

    Tuna Nov 19, 2012
    I will love her forever for Maria *v*
  • lassibebe

    lassibebe Nov 19, 2012
    Toto! (\*o*/)
  • Mairezu

    Mairezu Nov 19, 2012
    Oh my gaaaaawwwd Character overloooaaaddd!!!!!
    Way too many characters I recognize that I'm not even gonna list o_o At least 14.. And damn, looking at Beelzebub+Lag and Seri+Virgo, her voice range... lol
  • NekoMaid

    NekoMaid Nov 20, 2012
    She even voices JAP Chung from Elsword~ Anyways she's awesome and I love her~ <3
  • default avatar

    tetsuoooo Nov 20, 2012
    Celty, Seri, Virgo, Ultear, Ul, Haruka, Saeko, Baby Beel <3
  • default avatar

    AiSherryChan Nov 24, 2012
    Shinku?Kazune,Yomi and Akako? AND YORUUUUUUUUU! <3 X3
  • Earl-of-Trancy

    Earl-of-Trancy Nov 24, 2012
    Hazake (omg, really???), Iwasawa (<3), Shinku, Seri, Lag, Saeko, Yomi/Dead Master, Kazune (woah! REALLY? <3) Cordelia (not too familiar but she's related to Victorique, MARISA??? (in which anime? What?), the dorm mistress, Yoru, Kotarou, Petit Charat, and KOUSUKE <3 :3
  • zaginet16

    zaginet16 Dec 14, 2012
    @kamelyn : i think it's possible, why? because i watch all of her new anime, and i think it's legit, and her name is listed on the cast
  • default avatar

    AiBasterbine Dec 22, 2012
    Sawashiro Miyuki also voiced Chan Lee in Bakugan Battle Brawlers and Bakugan New Vestroia
  • default avatar

    RakugakiChou Dec 27, 2012
    Virgo and Kurapika xD
  • default avatar

    Miomya~ Dec 28, 2012
    Really, Virgo, Ul and Ultear have same voice and same seiyuu? O__O Beel-tan too O___O
  • default avatar

    Sadist Anna-chan Jan 10, 2013
  • default avatar

    Sasha2 Jan 11, 2013
    who is d 4th girl on top??
  • zaginet16

    zaginet16 Jan 12, 2013
    ^thats Maria from arakawa under the bridge
  • default avatar

    erihan Jan 12, 2013
    poor carl clover always gets forgotten or worse
  • default avatar

    Mouzeh Feb 17, 2013
    W-whait... You're telling me that she voices Ayane, Hakaze AND Toto???
    Those are my favorite characters.. Ever...
  • Lady_Cagalli

    Lady_Cagalli Mar 27, 2013
    She played from the cutest moe to the cold guy. Salute!
  • default avatar

    AliceYukino Apr 23, 2013
    and don't forget Cloche-sama!
  • default avatar

    charml4 May 01, 2013
    the best seiyuu of all time <3 Inaba, celty, hakaze, yano, atsuko and many many more~
    I always recognize her voice!
  • PrincessNeya

    PrincessNeya May 03, 2013
    Shion = Awashima
    Why ain't i surprized?
  • default avatar

    kawaiiNeko:3 Jul 03, 2013
    So many people,seriously how many characters can this woman be O_O
  • forgotten_memories

    forgotten_memories Jul 22, 2013
    seriously?! k, she is my hero now... Im speechless now too
  • default avatar

    airyballoon Oct 17, 2013
  • vietnomnom

    vietnomnom Dec 02, 2013
    She's also seiyuu for Touko/Genocider Syo from Dangan Ronpa xD
  • default avatar

    Shingekinofangirls Jan 05, 2014
    Saeko! One awesome girl! \^^/
  • default avatar

    tatianalekka Jan 28, 2014
    Toto <3 <3
  • default avatar

    mercurian262144 May 10, 2014
    When I researched about who voiced Mayuki in Suteki Tantei Labyrinth, I thought that the name was familiar. When I remembered where I first saw the name, I jawdropped. Sawashiro Miyuki would voice Shino/Sinon in Sword Art Online II.
  • default avatar

    KeiMeansStyle May 12, 2014
    Beel, Celty, Sasada, Kurapika(??), Tobias, Yoru, and Yosuzume... all have the same voice...
  • default avatar

    animeisawesome6891 Jul 24, 2014
    Oh my glob. She voiced celty?? God I love her a lot. <3
  • default avatar

    Nick98 Sep 26, 2014
    Celty!!! And... OMG IS THAT SAEKO?!?! *w*
  • default avatar

    Natsu Uzumaki Nov 15, 2014

    GOD!!!! What is happening with the world :-@
  • default avatar

    KagamineRinxLen02 Dec 19, 2014
    OMG!!!Yomi Looks alot like her!!!!!
  • default avatar

    higurashikarly Oct 04, 2015
    Yay I recognize 11 xD
  • default avatar

    ora741037 Apr 08, 2021
    She's too known for that murderous zombie series. I despise it so much.
    She's the best as
    1. Izuna Hatsuse
    2. Isabella Ivy Valentine
    3. Amagi from Azur Lane