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Entry by Tensai-kun on Wed Nov 14 06:43:34 2012.

Tags: Anime, Mogmahiru, Pokémon, Silver (Pokémon), Hibiki (Pokémon), Green (Pokémon), Red (Pokémon), Translated, Pixiv, Comic

Mogmahiru, Pokémon, Silver (Pokémon), Hibiki (Pokémon), Green (Pokémon), Red (Pokémon), Translated, Pixiv, Comic


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  • ChibiChubbz

    Nov 14, 2012


  • Puellamagimami


    Nov 14, 2012

    translation please ;w;

  • Lolalo-chan


    Nov 15, 2012

    Me. Want. a. Translation!!! ;A;

  • Nekokratik


    Nov 17, 2012

    OMG! ^ I second all of you guys!

  • hanashimatsugumi

    Nov 19, 2012

    Hibiki: Silver doesn't understand!!!

    Green: .....what's wrong? What happened? (small letters: here you go)

    Hibiki: (small letters: thank you very much) Rather than 'what happened', I'd say that I often met Silver when I was in my journey.

    Hibiki: In that time, we exchanged blows. It was fun, but...
    Hibiki: After the battle, he would quickly say something before going off somewhere... (small letters: When I tried to chase him, he'd be gone..)

    Hibiki: Anyways, he always took it out on me...

    Hibiki: What should I do?

    Hibiki: I think I might be hated by Silver...


    Green: Oi Red, don't go laughing
    Hibiki: He's laughing?!!

    Red: ...but... Dejavu?
    Green: De..?! I don't think I
    Hibiki: (thinking) I see. I'm being laughed at... (small letters: why? umm...)
    Green: Enough! Hibiki!

    Hibiki: Eh? Ah? Huh? Wah!


    Green: That... Don't worry about it!
    Green: It's okay even if you're hated...
    Green: It's like, you know, that

    Green: Because you're hated, that's...
    Green: Why y...

    Green: Y-y-you!!
    On Pikachu's paper: Meanwhile, he might even blurt out "Silver Baby☆"
    Green: Pikachu you little s**t

    Green: Wait, hey!!
    Pika: Cha--!
    Green: You *******
    Pika: Chu!!

    Hibiki: ???
    Green: (small letters) you really are...!!

    Hibiki: Umm, Red-san...
    Hibiki: Umm...what is the meaning of this?
    Red: Un. Ah...

    Red: Right, in other words

    Red: This is about how Green and Silver are alike

    Hibiki: Eh. I don't understand... (small letters: Are they alike?)


    In case you were wondering about the letters with Kotone on it, it says "Tsundere Stalker Kotone" Lol
    (Silver's a tsundere too)

  • Tensai-kun


    Nov 21, 2012

    omg thank you so much for the translation! <xD

  • martihinata


    Nov 24, 2012

    Oh god.
    The last pannel <3
    and when Red <3 FFFFFFF.

  • Sun & Moon

    Dec 19, 2012

    Thank you hanashimatsugumi for the translation XD!

  • SnowshoeBombay

    Mar 05, 2013

    Beep commenting so I can later find it again :3

  • akai_yuuki

    Jan 04, 2015

    Thanks for the translation.
    Hahaha, pikachu you teaser.

  • DarkWolf41

    May 07, 2015

    This is both amusing and sappy ^^

  • SilverRiver868


    Jan 18, 2019

    LOL. Silver and Kotone are tsunderes

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