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Entry by blody mary on Fri Nov 9 05:57:30 2012.

Tags: Anime, Eno



Comments (English)

  • Dub5tep5amurai

    Nov 09, 2012

    This is really cool :D

  • hanatchi

    Dec 08, 2012

    This is wonderful to look at for reference to various eye styles. Thankyou for uploading.

  • Rin Yee Hui Xing

    Feb 04, 2013

    This will work great with madness! I making a comic [ dead boy birthday ] it need more madness idk how to draw

  • Ash Greyscale


    Apr 14, 2018

    1). Ah,(Y/N)! C-Can i in the same bed as you!? *hosh-Hosh* C-Can i stare at you all night!? *Hosh* I...I will not sleep. I-I will watch you!
    2). I don't care about you, Bitch! Just stay away from him before i snap your head!
    3). Ahahaha! He will be mine! MINE!
    4). *Rape face* Huhuhu...Darling~ You always looks tasty~ *slurp* *Kiss you*
    5). Hahaha! You can't beat me! *To the person who hurts protagonist*
    6). *Whispered* Don't worry, My love...I always here with you...I always love you...
    7). Huh..? *Blank stares at you* You mad at me...? Y-You don't like the way i kill all person who hurt you...?
    8). Err...*Sweating* Are you scared of me...? No...I'm not going to hurt you...Don't be scared of me,I'm the one who will protect you...
    9). Shhh...*Whispered*Now everything is okay, (Y/N)... *Hugs you* I kill everyone who hurts you... Now nobody ruins our love...
    10). *In her thought* I-I did it! I win getting his love! Finally i can get rid of those bitches!
    11). This is what happen when you are blocking my way!
    12). Huhuhu...Hurt isn't it!? Its whats you got from hurting, (Y/N)!!!
    13). *Crying and screaming* Gyaaaah!!!!! (Y/N)!!! Don't leave me!!!!!
    14). Grrraaah!!! Its all your fault!!!! *To people who hurts protagonist*
    15). Kukuku...Sure!, I will stab you...NOW!
    16). *Daydreaming by repeat protagonist names a lot* (Y/N)....(Y/N)....
    17). S...Sorry? Am i hurt you? *Kinda sad face*
    18). *Out of control, Become talkactive* A-Are you sure you are okay!!!? B-Bullies who hurt you right? There are a girl that seducing you too? Thats fine! I will do it all for you!!! Just leave it to me! I will f*ckin finish them!

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