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Entry by Rider Matou on Sun Jun 24 22:31:56 2012.

Tags: Anime, Pixiv Id 700810, Ib, Ib (Character), Garry, Pixiv, Comic, Translated

Pixiv Id 700810, Ib, Ib (Character), Garry, Pixiv, Comic, Translated


Comments (English)

  • SatsukiShizuka

    Jun 25, 2012

    Garry used stare!
    It's super effective!
    Ib is confused!

  • BlackSun22

    Jun 25, 2012

    In the next comic...
    Ib used kiss!
    It's super effective!
    Garry fainted!

  • Penguin_Drum


    Jul 02, 2012

    you guys are hilarious

  • flagfish

    Jul 05, 2012

    The last panel totally made me smile.

  • Faeez

    Jul 28, 2012

    Panel 14 made me think of Mio from K-On! lol :)

  • Lucker945

    Jul 28, 2012

    Complimenting each tohers eyes aint that cute? >w<

  • kuroshiroryuu

    Nov 21, 2012

    Translate anyone?

  • lovelycatcafe


    Dec 21, 2012


    Ib: Hey, Garry...could you show me your left eye?

    Garry: That was sudden...What's up?

    Ib: I've been wondering if you have one...

    Garry: I do!!!

    Garry: *Thought Bubble* I don't understand why small kids say these things, sometimes...

    Garry: Okay, but I don't know what is so speci-...

    Garry: *thought bubble* I wonder...why is this so embarrassing...

    Garry: I-,Ib, It's embarrassing when you look at me that way...

    Ib: Ah! S-sorry.

    Ib: Garry, your eyes...I've never seen them that well before, so I wanted to see them...and also, they were quite beautiful, so....

    Garry: Thanks for saying that, Ib.

    Garry: Your eyes are very beautiful, too!

    Garry: Like a rose, they're vivid, and are of a beautiful red hue.

    Garry: I want to look into your eyes more.

    Garry:...Did I say something wrong?

    "Ib is blushing!"

  • Yuu3

    Mar 29, 2013

    ^ Thanks for translating. Appreciate it.

  • Animegirl450


    Mar 29, 2013

    Cute~! So adorable!

    @lovelycatcafe thank you for the translation! ^-^

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