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Mangaka: Tenshi-no-hikari, uploaded by CaramelBread Jun 17, 2012.

Tags: Anime, Tenshi-no-hikari, Tank Top, :<, Facepalm, Comic

Tenshi-no-hikari, Tank Top, :<, Facepalm, Comic

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    CtelinAjira Sep 02, 2012
    I don't get it.
  • amuandikutolove

    amuandikutolove Sep 02, 2012
    She doesn't need anyone cause she can make her own babies
  • aLiCe101

    aLiCe101 Sep 02, 2012
    It means that she isn't interested in being in a sexual relationship of any kind. Shows just how ignorant people can be in real life.
  • SandyLane

    SandyLane Nov 14, 2012
    Because people who are asexual obviously can't get laid. Doi.
  • gilnokoibito

    gilnokoibito Dec 04, 2012
    I so had a moment of "I ♥ Tenshi-no-Hikari!!!" even more after this! Yay for asexual awareness! :3