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  • English It's too much fun watching them. lol

  • English unf

  • English Who's the only one who dares to take Shizu-chan's clothes and cigarette, but doesn't feel like taking Shizu-chan's 'weapon' just because he likes his knife better? Just look at that happy troll. lol I bet Shizu-chan's like "TIGHT!"

  • English Space cadets ... lovely, as always

  • English ^ I think it's episode 22, when Dollars were helping Anri escape from Yellow Scarves.

    I laughed so hard when so many messages kept coming and Shizuo was unable to keep up with the situation. If I remember well, he was like "Stop beeping! I can't read so many words" and then that, lol, I seriously adore him!! XD

  • English Ah, go on! Go on! I'll just turn around! *grabs a mirror*
    fufufufufufu >:)

  • English YES! TAKE ME! (LOL sorry, I just like him. /RRRRRRUNS)

  • English ^ I agree~!! He's just too adorable for words! XD

  • English I really love the cheerful Kida, but this side of him is pure hotness. *thumbs up*

  • English Love them both, but Shizuo is Shizuo~ XD

  • English *hugs them too* *wipes her tears*
    Yes~ yes~ that's how it should be! T^T

  • English Priceless!

  • English So adorable!! Just like Kida himself.

  • English Yes, I know I like it.

  • English OMG These two, ROFL

  • English I definitely won't recommend this during summers, lol, but, in rest, it really feels comfy and looks cool.
    *hugs that adorable Kida and moves on*

  • English Putting WTF expression on Ciel's face since 2006.

  • English Hehehe "human being", that made Kakashi-sensei seem so real. But I agree, Kakashi-sensei would kick Chuck Norris' butt anytime, reading Icha-Icha Paradise!

  • English ^ *agrees* lol

  • English What are you all babbling about here?

  • English According to manga/anime, Sebastian's been alive for a very long time indeed, but that's still an insult to Sebastian's hotness! You don't wanna know what I imagine an "old geezer" would look like .. or smell like ... which is far from what Sebastian seems to be. Go change your diapers, Ronald! Oh, wait, that's an insult to Ronald's hotness. Daym~

  • English Sebastian, go kill yourself. Twice! And make sure you're back before tea time.
    That's an order.

  • English So kawaii!!! XD

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