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  • English Finally!
    What a cutie.

  • English @Axlfyre It's a rumor, and according to the movie spoilers circulating around he doesn't remove it. So it's not true :/
    There are other Naruto projects so there is still hope.

  • English Can't into japanese, but I think they're fighting over who's the tallest here.

    Would've loved to see them interacting some more after the war arc.

  • English ^It is your opinion and I respect it.

    Kishimoto addressed Kaguya's origin and the other loose plot points in an interview. He said that it was something he decided to not address and left an open end for it (by making Sasuke explore the world and investigate). Many thought Orochimaru would be the final boss but I guess Kishimoto wanted the last fight to be Naruto vs Sasuke (and honestly I'm glad they didn't address Kaguya's story, that whole thing was so out of nowhere it was hilarious).

    And oh please don't get me started on the whole "they're housewives!!" "Naruto is neglecting his family!!" I bet you think he's an alcoholic like some do right? We saw like what? 18 pages? The mangaka had to squeeze everyone in those 18 pages, of course you won't see much of Sakura or hinata and what is EVERYBODY doing with their lives. So why is everyone blowing this out of proportions? Mito has always been complaining about men. Anko is fat, so what? she's still a teacher, she's still Anko. I'm not promoting obesity here but in real life this can happen. The ending is not as bad as you think (because what could be really bad is that famous fanfic circulating that everyone are still under the infinite tsukyomi, or that horrible, horrible headcannon of Naruto cheating on his wife because apparently he doesn't look happy.). You're seeing things which are't there. What makes you think that Naruto and Sasuke are neglecting their families? Sasuke being in that forest can mean anything, ninjas's missions can take up to weeks if not months, does that mean they're being neglectful? Naruto is a hokage, he has responsibilities to take and peace to maintain. You would have preferred if he ditched the meeting and went playing with his son? C'mon, he grew up and is not that immature.

    Also, Kishimoto himself was honest and admitted he's not that great with romance so I can't see why everyone is surprised.

  • English This is what I don't get about the angry "fans" at the ending : "They had no development!!"
    I don't know? Weren't they like, fighting a world wide war vs an alien and 2 uchiha who were threatening to put them to sleep for the rest of their lives? I think that everyone was a liittle bit busy there to care about romance. Don't forget that Naruto is mainly about action, adventure and friendship. It's a shonen. Why is the romance being bad/not to everyone's taste make the manga automatically crap and horrible?

    Why care so much about who Naruto got to marry in the end? After being shunned by the others for his entire childhood, Naruto found great friends and teammates in Sakura, Gaara, Pein, Konan and many others, met his parents and found what great people they were, was accepted by the previous and actual hokages of Konoha and the other villages, finally beat some sense into his friend and bringing him back and achieving his dream of becoming a hokage, a hero and harbinger of peace with the power of his ancestor (whatever his name was) and the fearsome power of his talk no jutsu :) I repeat that this is a shonen, action and aventure is the main focus and romance is just a bonus and was saved for the movie.

    The last chapter wasn't about the romance either, or that's how I see it. It was to show that a new generation of ninjas was born and ready to pick up the torch. The fire of konoha is still burning like the 3rd said. That's why there were so many kids and many parents. Konoha, the rest of the villages and the characters are at peace and happy Tenten is not included lol. Kishi wanted to show us all of that alongside Naruto being a responsible hokage and a father and having a talk with his son. That's why the epilogue was set after a timeskip which resulted in the ending looking rushed to many readers.

  • English Apparently it will be shown in the movie.
    I don't know if I really want to see it though.

  • English 2cute4me.

  • English ^Which last row? up or down? right or left?
    As for the star face guy, it's Hoshi from Arakawa Under The Bridge.

  • English Oh great, another bunch of jerks.

  • English ^Yes, it's called "Terpsichora".

  • English ^ "これは僕たちのリアルだ"
    Something along the lines of "this is our reality"

  • English ^No problem ;)

  • English ^By going to his artist profile on pixiv here:
    He's japanese, so he may not understand english.

  • English ^Because it's his natural hair color? Look again at his official profile here #1460986, he has dyed blonde on top of his black hair.

  • English ^ In "Sakamoto Desu Ga?" manga. It's awesome.

  • English ^I-I refuse to believe it!

  • English ^Cannot unsee!

  • English ^ Because sometimes we forget about the most obvious characters when tagging pictures. Thanks for pointing this.

  • English @cutiesweet: He's guessing what she's writing on his back (and the last sentence was too much for his heart XD).
    Truly best boy.

  • English ^ *corrected* Thanks for pointing this out.

  • English ^Absolutely not.

  • English ^If you mean the second right (pancakes), it's Sakurai Ruka from an otome game.
    If you meant the second left (headphone/stethoscope guy), it's Wakatsuki Ryuutarou.

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