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  • Italiano Mmmm... o_o
    I've got some doubts on "fan art" tag.
    Isn't this a drawing from the manga? O_o

  • English This is funny! My sister use to hate Naruto, but she loves Soul Eater...
    So, when I showed her this picture, she fell in love with Naruto!XD she loves Sasuke...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!/_\'
    I hate you Sasuke!!!>_<

  • English EPIC FACES!!XD

  • English At first,I didn't knew who Wes was.Then,my friend "M" told me all his story (I only knew anime's version of Soul Eater and I didn't thought that could be so different from manga's one!) and now I finally know who he is...

  • English Oooowww...They're the sweetest match ever...But,wait:in this doujinshi Soul is too beauty!He's ugly!XD SD!By the way...SO CUUUTTEEEE!!!I really hoped they kissed in the anime...-_-'

  • English ...She doesn't look like Maka.O_O
    She looks like my sister.O_o

  • English Mmmmmmmm....I think it's stupid!XD

  • English Well...I'm italian and I just can say that in italian version of the anime Crona is a boy.
    I'm reading even italian version of the manga,and he's a boy,too.
    After this,I just can say that she/he's my favourite character of the anime/manga,and I'm so in love with him/her.I don't care!I'm a girl and I'll love him/her right because I don't understand what she/he is.It seems strange,but I don't really care about his/her gender.I think that a boy coudn't wear a long-tight dress,but his/her face makes me think of a boy.Yeah,I'm confused too,but I think that he's in love with Maka and I don't believe that European directors could make a
    Shojo-Ai anime:or a Yaoi one,or a Yuri one,I don't believe they even know what a Shojo-Ai is.
    Then:when he/she was younger,he/she makes me think of a boy,because his/her eyes aren't good for a girl.When he/she's older,instead:can't you see his/her profile?He haven't got anything on his/her chest!Even this makes me think of a boy.
    Me and my best friend argue often on his/her gender:she says that she's a girl,but I don't think so.
    At this point,I can say that I think he/she is hemaphrodite:he/she haven't got anything on his chest and neighter on his...ehm...well,I guess you understanded.
    So,I vote for both genders.
    (Sorry for bad english,it's not my main lenguage...)

  • English I don't nedd a translation.O.o
    This is pretty shocking ever without understand what they're saying.

  • English WHAAAAT!?!?!Why he is wearing those shoes!?O.o
    Well,I love him by the way...AND HIS EYES ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!*u*

  • English Oh my God!//O/./O//!
    He's so sexy wearing stuff like that!*OuO*

  • English This image is so peaceful...I'm falling asleep...with Shu...*u*

  • English Don't know why,but this makes me laugh off loud.AH AHA HA AH AHA HA HA AH AHA HA AH!!
    I'm crazy.I know.And I'm crazie 'cuz I've got a fever.

  • English *Evil laugh*
    Me:Finally...Finally I caged you,little stupid lovely Hakuryuu...NOW YOU'RE MINEEEEE!!!MIIIIINNNNNEEEE!!!
    Mum:Are you becoming stupid?Turn off that computer and do your maths exercises!!
    Me:I'm not stupid,mum,I'm in loooovvvveeee!!And I caged my love!!!
    Mum:Ok,let's call the doctor.

  • English Hakuryuu is surely not an example of how to travel lighter...
    But where are you going,my lovely lovers?:D

  • English Ah ah ah ah ah!:)
    This keep me happy even when I'm sick...!
    Shuu's sister is so funny!
    I'd love to be like be Shuu's sister!!XD!

  • English There are a lot of reasons why I love this:
    1-I love yaoi
    2-I love them so much that they're my screensaver
    3-I think they're the sweetest match ever
    4-I never saw Hakuryuu without his white jacket
    5-Shuu's pretty face is so cute that I can't see anything else when I think of him
    6-I...still can't find part 2 of the movie!:'(
    So meanwhile I'm searching it I watch my two lovely lovers...
    And I will watch them after have seen the movie,by the way!!!:) :D XD

  • English I don't understant this picture.O_O
    I don't think that who draw this was in love with them.>_>

  • English Travel with Endou...The best way to die!!XD!

  • English I love you sooo much!<3
    You're the sweetest match ever!!!!

  • English Love his eyes...soo deep!:)

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