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  • English Team RomaBul! And no, Romania definitely not uke

  • English So cute <3

  • English ^ C cup is really small. But E cup is too big y'know...

  • English My Vietnam baby *cries* Your profile *sniff* is so perfect! Just like I always thought *cries more*
    About Philippines, I like he/she to be male more, cuz I've met some Filipino, they're somehow manly, I guess:)

  • English Yay Hima-sensei is back! I'm ready for volume 5 and season 5 now!

  • English Few! At first I thought Ameriko was France until I saw the tag =))

  • English *dies 14*

  • English I'll run. I love my life. There's plenty of time to glomp them when they're in better mood~

  • English Amen.

  • English Wow Delic and Hibiya are BIG examples for M and S...

  • English Aww, everyone is loved except for Delic~****suo, go and play with Sakuraya, leave Delic and Hibiya alone!

  • English Those flowers really looked like her ears...Anyway, Taiwan you cutie~

  • English Shorter than Anri X"X
    I'm a girl too~

  • English ^ Uhm, that's Vietnam, not China

  • English Seiji-kun~

  • English Haruhi is so cute~

  • English This really make sense!

  • English Apparently people with thick eyebrows, have blue eyes and come from England are cuter than other people. TRUE FACT.

  • English The subtitler definitely some yaoi fan girl who can make the line sounds awkward...

  • English *victory dance* WOO HOO! I GOT KOREA, DA-ZE!

  • English ^ I also love Splendid and Giggles too~
    P/S:Soooo...Splendid can knit?

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