zerochan/comments:Haruka Chiyo Restricted

  • English Miki's Ahoge is missing o:

  • English Characters added.

  • English Love that picture that much *-*

  • English But that's still too small D:

  • English It's looks so adorable *-*

  • English Yea, what's about a translation?

  • English It seems so.

  • English @TheTrainerNamed Silver:
    He just thinks: Touko Touko Touko Touko...

  • English Yea, I want a translation too >.<
    NOW!!!! O.O

  • English Haha xD
    Somehow that's funny xD

  • English They are looking so adorable *-*

  • English Yea, I think so too ^-^

  • English Yea, because of "Rin"
    Rin is a Inu Yasha Character, I don't know what Idiot tagged this o.รด

  • English I would kick him too -_-

  • English She looks very cute *-*

  • English Haha xD

  • English Maybe a fanmade character?

  • English The girl right from the blonde girl somehow reminds me on Misaki Mei o.o

  • English Wow o:
    Then I want this pillow too >.<

  • English Pillow? o.o

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