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  • English i'm so gratefull loshik colored this sketch, just adore it

  • English Oh my, when I look at Roy I immediately hear at my mind "I want to break free". Poor Riza, judging from her face, she isn't big fan of Mercury X)). Ed... *_* no comments

  • English It's funny that I imagine their wedding about the same. Lin probably even invited them to Xing to hand wedding gift. Ed will curse him all the way for what Lin was too lazy to come himself

  • English ninryu, FullMetal Alchemist rough sketch collection (2006)

  • English Well, I has managed to find illustration with better quality , but alas, at the same time they are smaller :/

  • English And he's spitting image of Hoho-san, they even have the same facial expression on these covers ^^

  • English It is clear that he has changed in one year, and Ed looks like 16.5 years old guy (note he trains constantly, and even raises barbell))). But wow the contrast is still amazes me

  • English Liza has a short hair again, Roy has a mustache (it maybe associated with King Bradley). At finally he's become a fuhrer, at least i think so

  • English From ROM V - Mr. Butler to the rescue

  • English From ROM II - Esther was impressed with Abel's manicure ^^

  • English From ROM II - Petro reports to Catherine about mysterious criminals in clothing of Vatican

  • English From ROM II

  • English From ROM II - Ordinary working time)

  • English From ROM I - Dietrich "denounces" Abel

  • English From ROM I - Francesco demonstrates his oratory

  • English From RAM III - Vaclav even so kidnaps Pope

  • English From RAM III - Abel unsuccessfully tries to stop Vaclav's plan

  • English From RAM I

  • Русский И у каждого видна своя характерная походка))

  • English From RAM-V "Roman holiday", Libuse and her governess

  • Русский From ROM-VI. Thanks Kito scanned this pic for russian Trinity blood community

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