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  • English I love her personality. XP

  • English I like it how she looks like Yubel.

  • English Zarc be like: "Your effect gets negated! Your effect gets negated! Everyone's effects get negated!" -_-

  • English Daichi has a crush on her in the manga.

  • English My favorite card all the time! Black Rose Dragon is the most beautiful monster.

  • English I wish the writers gave Asuka a large role in ARC-V just like Edo. I'm very disappointed with how they didn't give her much spotlight.

  • English When everyone sees this: What's your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! school uniform?

    For me, 5D's Duel Academy uniform is the best.

  • English Luca: "Wrong."

  • English ↑ You're welcome!

  • English The copies in the anime look like Rio and her past-life look-alike Iris.

  • English They look cute in Hanbok clothes! *faves*

  • English All bracelet girls wet their pants seeing Reiji's badassery that he uses all the summoning methods in episode 128. XP

  • English Gandora-X the Dragon of Demolition's effects is so sick.

  • English ↑ Yeah! I hope Lua or Luca appear in Yu-Gi-Oh! (2017) since Lucciano and they actually used skateboards in 5D's. :D

  • English That episode was scary and messed up.... Aporia doesn't feel pain and he's being overkill and merciless to a poor little Luca. Also, one of my favourite duels from 5D's.

  • English Well, I thought III might be a girl when I first saw him. Once I realized he was a boy, I didn’t mind and I still really liked him.

  • English "Anna Kozuki's 13 age"

    Gloria: "13 age..." *BURP!!*
    Grace: "Ahh scary, Gloria!!"

  • English ↑ Wow, I've already watched all Zexal the anime seasons but I've never read Zexal manga before so I will read it. ^^

  • English Haha, I was really expecting this! Poor Yuto. XD

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