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  • English So the new Yu-Gi-Oh! series officially has a name. I wonder how they will explain what "VRAINS" stands.

    Here's the info links:

  • English I love this so much.
    YugoRin FTW!!! I hope they have a happy ending.

  • English I hope Dennis will be brought back and become a friend again to Yuya in the end like Sora did.

  • English Awww, this is so adorable. XP

  • English Rough translation:

    Yuto: "This... I thought it was right for us and bought it. So why not you eat it?"

    Shun and Ruri: "Yuto-kun...!

  • English ↑ You're welcome, yeah, she is! XD I'm not sure if you noticed or not... Did you see Princess Cologne appears in Frightfur Mad Parade card's artwork in episode 136 of ARC-V?! I saw it and she rides Frightfur Sheep there!!!

  • English I just read this chapter of ZEXAL manga, Princess Cologne's past is so sad! T.T She immediately became my favorite character <3, and her absence in the ZEXAL anime still makes me sad.

  • English ↑ Absolutely agree with you!

  • English Kojirou proves he's the best trainer.

  • English I just seen this movie yestreday. It was the best!
    So many feels from seeing the characters again. <3

  • English My theory for this episode is that since Reira asked Ray to use his body as her vessel, Ray's spirit was inside Reira's body which was shown during 5:06 to 5:16. I'm not sure about his gender but for now I think Reira is a boy. Zarc was talking to Ray during the duel since Ray knows the card effects of the 4 en cards other than Leo. I'm not sure about Reira temporarily turn female or not since isn't confirmed yet as Ray's were inside of Reira body in this episode and Reira having long hair is maybe a effect of having Ray's Spirit inside him.

  • English Gorgeous.

  • English Rio and Durbe are my favorite Seven Barian Emperors members. :3

  • English The feels... T_T

  • English She looks really amazing with these colors.

  • English I just got the tickets for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions movie theaters so I really can't wait to go to the theater to watch it this weekend!

  • English I love her personality. XP

  • English I like it how she looks like Yubel.

  • English Zarc be like: "Your effect gets negated! Your effect gets negated! Everyone's effects get negated!" -_-

  • English Daichi has a crush on her in the manga.

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