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  • English How sweet. <3

  • English This seems like so similar to 5D's. Like the ace monsters. Like the effects just remind me of Stardust Dragon and Red Dragon Archfiend.

  • English Ooh, VRAINS is definetly 5Ds 2.0
    Yliaster/Z-ONE references.

  • English I like Rei's cute outfit on the right. <3

  • English ↑ Me too! I've watched it three times so I really feel like I want to watch again lol. :S

  • English His hoverboard is badass.

  • English I suddenly have a crush on her, she is such a cutie! ♥_♥

  • English I FREAKING love Aoi's VR form. And she uses Trickster so it fits her. <3

  • English She's a Pretty Cure!

  • English Toon Briefcase killed him.

  • English ⅣⅣ  ⅣⅣ       ⅣⅣ
    ⅣⅣ   ⅣⅣ      ⅣⅣ
    ⅣⅣ   ⅣⅣ     ⅣⅣ
    ⅣⅣ    ⅣⅣ    ⅣⅣ
    ⅣⅣ    ⅣⅣ   ⅣⅣ
    ⅣⅣ     ⅣⅣ  ⅣⅣ
    ⅣⅣ     ⅣⅣ ⅣⅣ
    ⅣⅣ      ⅣⅣⅣⅣ
    ⅣⅣ       ⅣⅣ

  • English I love her design. I'm super excited to see her duel in action. I hope her deck gets a lot of support and it looks like it'll be a lot of fun to use. ^_^

  • English You know before ARC-V ended this would have been sweet now it's just sad.

  • English Badass. Yusaku's new ace monster looks like Stardust Dragon... I love it! <3

  • English I am happy that we at least got Yuzu back but seriously, not a single word from the other girls? We spend over a hundred episodes watching Yugo search for Rin, and Shun and Yuto search for Ruri, and we don't even get to see them reunite? And Serena was one of the main characters for a while and now she is just gone?

    I don't usually complain too much but I must say, that is really disappointing.

  • English This is the best fanart of Jack I've ever seen. *_*

  • English ↑ Oh, I never heard that rumors o.o and yeah I hope it's not true, too. Yes, me too! ^.^

  • English Comet Cestus and Star Cestus are jealous. XD

  • English I love Tron Family.

  • English Cute.

  • English I hope Aoi goes on to be Yusaku's rival. The fact that she's a charisma duelist as well as the way they said they were working on a "beautiful" rival for Vrains makes me think that she will be. Also, she looks kinda like Trevor from Pokemon XY. XD

  • English Dartz is gorgeous here.

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