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  • English Translation:
    Amelda: Seriously?!

    Valon: You're lying!

  • English Truly adorably cute like the tag says.

  • English This is absolutely gorgeous and I love Serena's smirking face. XD

  • English I love this so much. It lightens me up every time I look at it.

  • English I love his ace monster. It's so pretty and
    love the concept too, a giant floating city!

  • English ↑ Happy Birthday to your brother! ^^

  • English Coincidence in #1939084 and #1948863?

  • English She needs a hug.

  • English The most epic scene in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.

  • English I gotta love Yugo's reaction was priceless in the end. XD

  • English Dreary Doll is my favorite Gimmick Puppet card. :3

  • English How cuuute she is.
    This is probably the best fanart of Blue Angel I've ever seen! <3

  • English I approve of the hair.

  • English That's so sick and I miss Pokemon Crystal!

  • English Love the outfit! Kaito cosplaying as Numeral Hunter is cool and badass!!!

  • English This is where III became my favorite character. I am watching that episode 46 right now again! <3

  • English It's nice to see Zexal is getting love. Love Zexal!!!

  • English 5D's was so emotional.

  • English His Tamagotchi died. DX

  • English Aww, I really wanted their adorable stuffed toys.

  • English I just found out Yusaku is officially 16 years old. XP

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