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  • English This is the best fanart of Jack I've ever seen. *_*

  • English ↑ Oh, I never heard that o.o and yeah I hope it's not true, too. Yes, me too! ^.^

  • English Comet Cestus and Star Cestus are jealous. XD

  • English I love Tron Family.

  • English Cute.

  • English I hope Aoi goes on to be Yuusaku's rival. The fact that she's a charisma duelist as well as the way they said they were working on a "beautiful" rival for Vrains makes me think that she will be. Also, she looks kinda like Trevor from Pokemon XY. XD

  • English Dartz is gorgeous here.

  • English Tron Family are the best.

  • English Despite the fact that this was a filler season...
    I honestly loved this arc! I had no idea this was a filler.

  • English Jack: "Hold on! This is an accident!!"

    This is from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's 65 episode. X3

  • English Their troublesome boys. XP

  • English ↑ Great comment. XD

  • English This brings back memories. <3

  • English ↑ Oh! I didn't notice that.

  • English ↑ He wasn't my favorite character when he was first introduced. But he really grew on me and I love it how he shouts out "Show must go on!" so he's one of my favorite characters now and his ace monster, too.

  • English Haha, I love this! XD

  • English That was a awesome entertaining duel and was so fun to watch, glad to see Dennis becoming a entertainment duel teacher.

  • English It was nice seeing them again. <3

    Also, that Grace's moment "Yuya~!". So cute. X3

  • English Harry Potter :>

  • English Poor Shun and Yuto! XD

  • English Anyway, now all we need is kid Yuto.

  • English Aww, they looked so cute as kids... Shun and Ruri are like Ryoga and Rio.


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