Entry by soviets on Mon Aug 1 05:13:35 2011

Tags: Anime, Disney, Art Style Parody, Supernatural, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel


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  • Rainre


    May 30, 2012

    What the-- what. Is that Cas I see, as a girl? (Or is he the horse?)

    I assume the former, 'cause I prefer it as an option.

  • ruddy

    May 15, 2013

    I haven't seen this cartoon before, what is it?????can anyone tell me.........

  • xxxxwitlee

    Aug 03, 2013

    @Ruddy... it's snow white... only with the supernatural cast :P
    the king and the queen are John and Mary Winchester, then there is Sam, then Dean, Snow white is Castiel, The witch is the demon Meg, and the last two are, correct me if I'm wrong, Bobby and Ellen... oooh and the horse is the impala X'D

  • GrimmMHecate

    44 weeks ago

    Actually it's Disney's Sleeping Beauty with the Supernatural cast...