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Tags: Anime, Pixiv Id 672826, Pokémon, Touko (Pokémon), Bel (Pokémon), Cheren (Pokémon), Touya (Pokémon)

Pixiv Id 672826, Pokémon, Touko (Pokémon), Bel (Pokémon), Cheren (Pokémon), Touya (Pokémon)


Comments (English)

  • iKEITH


    Feb 18, 2012

    i like the next 3 photos... Nyahahaha,
    Pass the message ♥

  • J-u-m-p

    Feb 18, 2012

    Cheren's so cute x3

  • WhiteDragon

    Feb 19, 2012

    More like pass the kiss! XD

  • CTSael

    May 02, 2012

    it would make more sense for Touya to sit next to Belle, but then it wouldn't be as funny. but it would still be cute. =3=

  • Zandesu

    May 14, 2012

    it gets more passionate as it goes down the line... LOL

  • Sparku! <3

    May 15, 2012


  • Hidenka


    May 18, 2012


  • Tensai-kun


    Jun 01, 2012

    face it touya! xD

  • Fuyumi-Hitsugaya

    Jun 03, 2012

    You can't run Touya! >:D

  • Solemn Ember


    Jun 25, 2012

    Hm.. it's like there's something missing. I remember seeing this, but then N tackles Touya to the ground to give him his kiss.

  • NekoMaid


    Jun 25, 2012

    @Solemn Ember

    You are correct, it's right here:
    Second part!

  • darkumbreon04

    Jul 30, 2013

    cheren was supprised by the kiss from belle, cheren loved the kiss with touko,touko and N loved their kiss with eachother,and- all i can say is:poor touya. and N is epic beacuase he kept Touya from escaping while he was kissing touko.

  • Animegirl450


    Jul 30, 2013

    Lol XD

  • pokegirl185

    Sep 19, 2013

    Haha look at cheren :-D

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